localizanos Hotel Marques de Cima Nogales

Attractions near the Hotel

We are located in the new commercial zone of Nogales Sonora and surrounding the Hotel Marques De Cima you will find stores, several food establishments, Restaurants, Bars, night life, supermarkets, movie theater and entertainment as well as bus stations.
Also, our closeness to the United States Consulate in Nogales makes your Visa proceedings comfortable and practical. See the map to find the way to these places.

Located a few minutes from us:
The United States Consulate.
3 bus stations.
Burger King.
El Marcos.
Peter Piper Pizza.
Nogales Mall, where you will find:
Cinepolis movie teather (now showing).
Carl’s Jr.
Dairy Queen
Chiltepino’s Wings
Banks: Banorte, Banamex, Santander Serfin, Scotia Bank, HSBC
Customer Service Offices for: Telcel, Movistar, y Nextel
WalMart Supercenter
Tiendas Ley

How to get there Coming in from the North

The immediate reference when traveling from the north is the United States and when coming from the north surely you’re doing so from that neighboring country. The city that borders with Nogales Sonora Mexico is Nogales Arizona in the United States. There are two entry points to Nogales Sonora Mexico from Nogales Arizona USA; the first of these points is the border crossing check point called “Dennis Diconcini” which is open 24 hours a day. The second border crossing check point is called “Mariposa” with operating hours from 06:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The hours are important to consider especially if you plan on arriving to the city after 10:00 p.m. Here’s how to reach the Hotel Marques De Cima from each of these points of entry into the country and city when you come from the north.

If you are plannig on entering Mexico through the “Mariposa” port Take exit Rd. 189 also named “N. Mariposa Rd”. If you are arriving off “I-19″ you will find the “189″ exit. On this exit make a right and this road (N. Mariposa Rd.) will take you directly into the entry port in to Mexico. The Ave. that you will come right into in Mexico is called “Luis Donaldo Colosio Blvd.” also known as “Periferico” (freeway), follow it directly down south and take the “Blvd. Greco” exit. The signage in the roads and the city in general is not very good, so the best reference point to look for when trying to find this exit is the “SORIANA” Supermarket, once you are right in front of “SORIANA” supermarket you must take the immediate exit. If you see walmart on your left hand side you just past the exit and will have to return. One you take the exit take go east or take a left on “Greco Blvd.” all the way to the end until you meet with “Carretera Internacional” or also known as “Obregon Ave.” approximately two stop lights down the road. The best way to know you’re in the right track at this point is by seeing a bypass or bridge on top of the second stop light. At this point go north or take a left on “Carretera Internacional” also known as “Obregon Ave.” One lock down the road heading North you will see another stop light, take the further left lane and take a left, this turn goes in directly in to the hotel, you are here, welcome to Hotel Marques De Cima.

Dennis Diconcinni
If you are coming in through the “Dennis Diconcinni” port you will need first to reach “Grand Avenue” in Nogales Arizona. If coming in from “I-19″ just follow it all the way to the end and it will meet up with “Grand Avenue” on the first stop light you reach coming into Nogales Arizona. Once here on this stop light go south or take a right, less than half a mile down the road you will be on the “Dennis Diconcinni” port crossing into Mexico. This Crossing point brings you into “Adolfo Lopez Mateos St.” wich about 4 blocks down the road keeping south it automatically connects with “Obregon Ave.” From here on it is only a straight shoot directly to the hotel just 4 miles down the road southbound. This is the easiest way to find us. As a last reference we are located over the hill right after a small park on the right hand side with a monument of “Luis Donaldo Colosio” still on “Obregon Ave.”

Coming in from the South

This means you are entering Nogales Sonora coming from carrtera Federal No. 15 (Federal Road # 15) Federal roads in Mexico are the equivalent to US “Interstate” roads. This same roads turns into “carretera Internacional” also known as “Obregon Ave.” as soon as you reach the city limits. Just go straight bound north about 5 stop lights down or 5 miles, you will see an overpass bridge, keep going straight up north for another quarter of a mile until the next stop light. Here take the further left lane and take a left turn on the next stop light, this turn will take you directly into the hotel, you have arrived. Welcome to Hotel Marques De Cima.

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